Why I Will Never Use the Law of Attraction

I keep running into people talking about the Law of Attraction, and usually, they’re doing it in a way that makes them come across as judgmental so-and-sos.  Things like, “Well, of course her life is going to keep being awful if she focuses so much on negativity!”

The Law of Attraction, for those who don’t know, states that what you send out into the universe is what you get back. So if you’re relentlessly positive and never have a bad thought ever, your life will be sunshine and rainbows, apparently? But if you let yourself get angry because of injustice or … Continue reading

Death and My Grandmother

The past year has been one of major changes, both in my personal life and in the wider world. On a personal level, the past twelve months have seen the death of my grandmother, me leaving that (painful, abusive) living situation to live with two of my partners in Florida, the surgical removal of my uterus, and going off my meds due to financial difficulties. It hasn’t been an environment conducive to blogging, though hopefully that will change now that I’m settled.

I’ve been thinking a lot about death, for obvious reasons. Hela didn’t spare me many of the gory details of … Continue reading

The Tech Support Metaphor for Archetypes

Here’s how I (a former tech) imagine it working: being a god that fits an archetype could be seen as something similar to working tech support. Lots of people call in wanting help, and they frequently don’t care that your name is Katherine or Tanisha or Amir. They’re calling Tech Support Lady/Guy, and that’s literally all you are to them.

So it is with people who call out for the Love Goddess or the Trickster or the Great Mother. They’re calling the divine tech support line, and they’re hoping to reach someone with the right specialization. And so if they’re calling on, say, the Trickster, … Continue reading

Weird Beliefs and Abusive Cults

Every so often I come across warnings about certain people who claim to be reincarnated fictional characters and who use that belief to suck others in and abuse them. Hell, I spent some time in the inner circle of one of those people, and I’ve got the psychological scars to prove it. Cult leader behavior is shitty no matter who’s doing it.

But what I keep seeing is the conversation taking shape around them believing $weird_thing, and not the part where they conned their housemates out of money, or consistently deprived them of sleep to break them down, or gathered … Continue reading

Unsafe Ancestors

There’s something I’ve noticed in discussions of ancestor veneration, and it keeps coming up: the idea that your ancestors automatically have your best interests at heart, that if you call to them and they show up, then they must be there to help. Ancestors are the best possible protection, right? So just invite them on in and nothing bad will happen ever!

Yeah, that’s bullshit.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I have seen mentions of what to do when it comes to dealing with abusive ancestors in your practice, from ancestor elevations to simply choosing not to honor that particular ancestor. … Continue reading

I have no title for this

I made a “culture” category on my blog, because from time to time I like to get my rant on about social issues, the diversity (or lack thereof) in media, and all that happy fun social justice stuff.

And yet, these past few months, when truly horrible things have been happening, I’ve been silent, because it’s just too much. Too horrible. Too terrifying. Too many people… I want to say “dead before their time”, but as someone who honors Hela, I know better: “their time” comes whenever circumstances allow it, and it’s never fair and rarely kind. It just is.

Continue reading

A is for Abuse (Part 2)

This post is nearly two years late. I have this problem when it comes to relating my experiences with abuse: I make a big post that references abuse I’ve been through, and then it becomes impossible for me to write anything else in that blog for months or years, due to an irrational terror that my abusers will know I’m talking about them and that, somehow, they’ll find me and punish me.

So much for Pagan Blog Project 2013. Maybe I’ll try again in 2015.

In A is for Abuse (Part 1), I talked about spiritual and religious abuse in … Continue reading

On Shamanism: Just How Public is That Horse?

I’m not a shaman.

Let me clarify: I own a bunch of books on practices that some say fall under the shamanic umbrella, so to speak, and I do a lot of stuff that people would consider part of What Shamans Do, but that’s not a label I care to use, because there are a lot of indigenous people out there who feel like the word is capitalizing on stereotypes about their culture, even when it’s not being used by white people to present a bastardized version of their religion.

At the same time, I often enjoy and recommend the … Continue reading

A is for Abuse (Part 1)

So here I go, attempting to make another start at spiritual blogging with my participation in the Pagan Blog Project. Every Friday, I’ll be posting something about my practice or experiences I’ve had on my spiritual journey. This post is late in coming, and I eventually decided to split it up into two parts, because I’ve got a lot to say on the subject… Part 2 will be up on Friday, on schedule.

If you type “spiritual abuse” into Google, what you’ll find is a dazzling variety of sites devoted to abuse in a … Continue reading

Sunna and Mani

I feel like a bad Northern Tradition person, because it’s Memorial Day, and it really makes more sense for me to be writing about the Einherjar today. As it is, I’ll likely be pouring out a libation for the dead warriors in my family later on, but this is what wanted to be written, so I’m going with it, rambling and incoherent as it is.

I had thought, coming from an eclectic Neopagan practice that had its roots in Wicca, that it would be strange, shifting from a view of the sun as male and the moon as female to … Continue reading