Joaquín Lokabarn

Call me Joaquín, or just Jack (they/them). I’m a disabled queer Latine Heathen, whose ancestor veneration includes people of many races and ethnicities. I’m also a middle-aged cult survivor, tarot reader, writer, fan of shiny rocks, and maker of jewelry..

Two of my partners are in the process of converting to Judaism, and some of my ancestors were Russian Jews, so let me very clear: No frith with fascists. I will not engage in “reasoned debate” with folks who think that I and the people I love shouldn’t exist.

I’m proudly weird, a little bit mad, and in the running for the title of the specialest of snowflakes. I don’t expect anyone to think I’m not weird. Nor do I expect anyone to automatically believe in anything supernatural I claim to have experienced. Why would you, if you haven’t been there yourself? Just don’t be a dick about it, ‘kay?

Take what’s useful for you, leave the rest behind, and go live a life you can be proud of.