Sometimes, I offer divination services. But since everyone does divination differently, here are some things you should know about how I, personally, do readings:

  • My primary tool for divination is the tarot, though I also do a bit of pendulum dowsing and am getting started in astrology. Eventually I hope to add the runes to my arsenal, but I’m still building a relationship with them, so I’m not offering rune readings yet. My main reading deck is the Revelations Tarot, but I also read with the Crowley Thoth deck, the Winged Spirit Tarot, the Victorian Romantic Tarot, and the Fantastical Tarot. If you’d like me to use one of those in specific when I read for you, please let me know.
  • I’m a diviner, not a mind reader. Those are two very different things. While intuition (and the occasional nudge from relevant spirits) helps a great deal, there are times when I will need more information if you want me to fit what the cards say into a larger context. Now, in certain situations, you may just want me to throw down cards and tell you what I get, and I’m perfectly fine with that, especially if you do divination yourself and have your own personal associations with certain cards. But I don’t have time for people who intentionally keep me in the dark to make me prove how psychic I am.
  • If I’m not getting a strong feeling of how a reading fits together, I will tell you. Generally in the context of, “Look, I’m not getting a coherent picture out of this, but here’s what these cards represent. Does this remind you of anything in your life?” Some incredibly accurate readings have happened when I was absolutely sure I had everything wrong, but sometimes I just get a head full of static, and no useful information. I’ll give you the option of trying again later, or asking a different question, but if I can’t get anything useful, we can declare the whole reading a wash and you’ll owe me nothing.
  • Please don’t disparage my methods or beliefs when I read for you. I’ll be the first to admit it’s entirely possible that what I think of as energy and spiritual interaction could just be a subconscious knack for cold-reading and a very forgiving symbol set that can be stretched to fit a number of situations. And if that’s how you want to conceptualize what I do, that’s awesome! The wonderful thing about tarot, runes, and astrology is that they present a broad range of symbols and possibilities for our minds to latch on to in order to make sense of things. So it’s possible to get some really useful insight with nothing even remotely supernatural happening, and if that’s how you need to see it, I’m completely behind that — I don’t expect people to share my beliefs when they haven’t had up close and personal experience of the sort of weirdness I deal with. Just please respect that I’m coming from a place of spiritual belief, which I take very seriously.
  • I am not infallible. No diviner is, and if they tell you otherwise, I can guarantee that’s not the only thing they’re lying about. Even when there’s Someone shouting in my ear, the message is still coming through me, and every so often things get garbled by the human filter. This is a fact of life. I work hard to keep my biases and preconceptions out of things, but if you ever have any doubts about how much of what I’m telling you is the message and how much is the messenger, I encourage you to seek out a second opinion. If we’re talking about really big decisions that you’re uncertain or ambivalent about (moving, getting married, drastically changing your spiritual practice), seek out a second opinion even if you like what I’m telling you. Some things are too big to trust to any one person and their deck of cards, no matter how accurate that person may be in other matters.

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